A Little Glossary of Arabian Cuisine

Burghul: salad made of shredded wheat with herbs, spices and olive oil

Cous Cous: steam cooked wheat semolina with potatoes, carrots and other vegetables in-season

Falafel: crispy deep-fried small balls made of spiced chick-peas-puree with ginger, fresh coriander and parsley

Halumi: creamy cheese, deep-fried and warm served

Cardamom: seasoning from the capsule fruit of oriental ginger

Fulmidamus: iraqi beans with onion, garlic, orange and fresh dip, made of tomato and sesame

Laban: salty yoghurt drink with fresh peppermint and basil

Lime-mix: arabian drink made of mashed limes, fresh peppermint and mineral water

Sesamdip: sesame puree, refined with yoghurt and fresh herbs, olive oil and lime juice

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