A Little Glossary of Arabian Cuisine

Burghul: salad made of shredded wheat with herbs, spices and olive oil

Cous Cous: steam cooked wheat semolina with potatoes, carrots and other vegetables in-season

Falafel: crispy deep-fried small balls made of spiced chick-peas-puree with ginger, fresh coriander and parsley

Halumi: creamy cheese, deep-fried and warm served

Cardamom: seasoning from the capsule fruit of oriental ginger

Fulmidamus: iraqi beans with onion, garlic, orange and fresh dip, made of tomato and sesame

Laban: salty yoghurt drink with fresh peppermint and basil

Lime-mix: arabian drink made of mashed limes, fresh peppermint and mineral water

Sesamdip: sesame puree, refined with yoghurt and fresh herbs, olive oil and lime juice


01. Salate

02. Soups

03. Vegetarian Starter

(each plate with hummus, salad, sesame sauce and bread)

04. Vegetarian Starter-Mix

05. Starter with Meat

06. Main Course

(all main courses served with mixed salad, curry-mustard-sauce, fresh herbs and basmati rice)

07. Children's Portion

08. Dessert

09. Warm Drinks

10. Tea Menu

11. Softdrinks

12. Salamat Juice specialities

(freshly made)

13. Milk-Shakes

14. Bottled Beer

15. Wine

16. Spirituous Beverages

17. Cocktails

(with alcohol)

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